At Progredi Group, we strive to be so much more to our clients than just another software and service provider. As retailers working for retailers, we provide data-driven, patented solutions that have been proven to drive customer engagement and increase sales at the front line. Working to solve the complex problems that others avoid, we consistently deliver retail optimization methods that work.

Led by some of the industry’s most respected and recognized professionals, the Progredi team is known for our commitment to our customer’s success. Though our patented algorithms have mathematically guaranteed incredible results for retailers of all sizes, we place our priority on providing personalized service that exceeds expectations.

At Progredi, we love a good challenge. Engaging at the grassroots level, our business analytics and retail solutions help your business thrive. Whether you’re a giant in grocery, or a fledgling in fashion, we are able to provide customized optimization solutions in personnel, space management, product assortment, waste reduction, and so much more.

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More than just a hired hand, we see ourselves as your partner in growth. Your customer is our customer. Your success is our benchmark. With more than a century of combined experience in the retail industry, the Progredi Group team has the knowledge, skills, and insight you need to excel in all aspects of business, giving your customer the shopping experience they deserve. Schedule a needs analysis and consultation with a Progredi specialist now to find out more. We appreciate the chance to help you succeed.