Backed by the industry’s most comprehensive and intuitive algorithms, the Progredi team provides integrated solutions for retailers of all sizes to ensure efficient operations and improved customer engagement. Our advanced product category analysis and behavioral clustering methods have been proven to provide key customer insights. By eliminating the guesswork that naturally plagues retail business owners, we help you effectively target just what your customer needs, wants, and expects.

As your business optimization partner, our goal is to help you customize your products to reflect your brand messaging while tailoring your merchandising and pricing strategies to meet the demands of today’s savvy-minded consumer. Our behavioral clustering model is easy to understand and allows for quick and simple implementation in a retail setting. Ultimately, we view your customer as our own, and we channel our efforts to ensure an exceptional buying experience for both you and them.

Categorizing Shopper Behavior

Our business optimization pros specialize in turning real-life situations into accurate data to help you plan and prepare for the best approach for your business.

  • Identifying key customer trends, providing insight into what truly sells.
  • Avoiding wide data conclusions, which may be inaccurate for your business.
  • Minimizing unwanted inventory, which can stem from incorrect data gathering.
  • Stabilizing inventory balances to ensure you are never out or overstocked.
  • Personalizing your results, and delivering a plan tailored to your brand and industry.

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At Progredi Group, we know you don’t have the time, patience, or experience to fully undertake full-scale consumer behavior analysis. You don’t have to be a “data miner” to achieve success. We want to mine that information for you. With more than a century of combined industry experience, our retail optimization team has the skills, knowledge, and insight to provide you with the data you need to reach the next level in business.

Find out more about how behavioral clustering analysis can help your business by scheduling your no-risk, no-obligation consultation now. We look forward to taking your retail store to new heights.

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Progredi Group is proud to offer comprehensive retail solutions for businesses of all types. Our proven approach to cost-effective business development has allowed us to travel the country, providing a formula that can be adapted to your location.

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