Top shelf? Endcap? Stand-alone display? Checkout lane?

One product width or four?

Do I pair this product with that or the other?

When should each flavor, color, or style be rotated out?

Whatever questions you may have about categorizing your consumer product offerings, we can help. Providing proven, data-driven methodologies, Progredi Group consists of a team of retail specialists that strive to help you define effective category strategies that are customized to regional preferences and seasonal expectations. Through extensive trial and error, market-specific analysis, and consumer behavior trends, we offer the bottom line-boosting advice you need for effective category building, helping you to decide:

  • Whether to place certain snacks next to specific beverage coolers.
  • Whether you should display jewelry items next to scarves or other accessories.
  • Whether it’s a convenience or a hassle to place toys near the checkout lane.

Every decision can be backed by science, and an efficient category strategy can help you to make the most of your sales. Here at Progredi Group, we’ve got the science that has been proven to drive results.

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Why Focus on Category Strategy?

Retail optimization can deliver high-quality results in a competitive marketplace. Customers are always looking for the best shopping experience, and this business development practice helps you to define what each category in your establishment needs to do to perform in the most profitable manner.

When it comes to category strategy, our retail optimization pros have the tools and resources needed to deliver on all fronts to increase your bottom line and establish your brand as a source of quality and convenience. A few areas that we focus on include:

  • Inventory — Location is everything, and helping your customers to find everything they need in one spot is a key for achieving high customer satisfaction.
  • Daily needs — It is essential to deliver the best products and values for this category, as your customers will be streaming in on a regular basis to purchase daily items.
  • Convenience — Beyond the routine goods required, consumers will also be on the lookout items that can’t be found at just any establishment. Which products you sell will do a lot in establishing your business as a one-stop-shop.
  • Seasonal needs — Stocking inventory that is only deployed on a seasonal basis can help to boost your customer satisfaction while serving as a secondary source of income. It’s important to know what sells, and how much of it sells, to maximize your profit potential.

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