Driven by innovation, bound by integrity, the Progredi team has always aimed their focus at providing creative, customized, and science-backed solutions to help our clients succeed in the retail realm. We don’t just go the extra mile. We pave the next mile, always staying one step ahead of our competitors. Combining the expertise of some of the industry’s top professionals, we have developed a process of optimization that simply cannot be beat.

Honored to be your partners in success, the Progredi leadership team includes:

Louis Dorado

– Head of Operations

Louis applies a unique business approach that has delivered over 20 consecutive years of game-changing and award-winning business transformations across multiple industries and fortune 50 companies. Louis’ passion is optimizing complex problems, processes, and organizational designs which enable tangible results through execution excellence.  He holds positions on a variety of boards and advisory councils dedicated to reshaping the industry and defining new academic curricula.

John Bergstrom

– Head of Innovation

With a background in physics and engineering, John began his career in the aerospace industry. It was here that he became interested in applying optimization to both the design and the manufacturing process. John then spent his next 15 years applying the methods of science and mathematics to help over a dozen companies model their business processes and make optimal decisions. Of his nine pending patents, seven involve business modeling and optimization, and two are in the field of robotics.

Matthew Winkelman

– Head of Strategy

Matt has dedicated the last 15+ years across every aspect of the retail environment including stores, head office and now a virtual reality to optimize the full box experience from a merchandising and marketing perspective. His approach is laid by a foundation of blending data, process, and technology to drive organizational success and unlock new capabilities. His success has made him one of the top process model innovators in the industry and has been recognized as one of the people to watch by leading shopper marketing authorities.

David Pisinger

– Head of Science

Having a background in computer science and mathematics, David has been working with optimization and data analysis for over 25 years. He has developed a number of decision support tools for optimizing retail, manufacturing, and transportation in Denmark and internationally. David has a holistic view on processes, using prototyping methods to quickly gain results, and gradually improve the methods based on feedback from customers.

Jim Jensen

– Head of Customer Experience & Solutions

Jim’s career has spanned three major retailers over the last 25 years. With considerable depth and leadership in store operations, buying, mergers and acquisitions, space management, and customer experience, he has the retail experience to guide organizations through complex issues. Jim has held executive positions leading large teams and navigating unique solutions to business problems as normal course of action. His success relies on fully understanding the organizational needs to help create pragmatic viable plans and driving them relentlessly through execution to delivery.

Greg Kirste

– Head of Finance

Greg’s 25-year career spans R&D to business and from start-ups to F-100 companies. Greg combines his experience in finance, mergers & acquisitions, business development, manufacturing, and engineering to help companies execute and grow. Having started his career as a software developer and later as a financial executive for a B2C cloud-based enterprise software company, Greg provides financial stewardship and understands what’s needed to help companies build, deliver and support robust technical software solutions and consulting services.