What do produce and clothing have in common? They both have a short shelf life.

Progredi Group’s perishable models help you optimize your buys and investments in perishable and trend items. Buy with greater confidence knowing your decision will minimize remaining inventory at the end of the season on short-code unsold consumables.

Ultimately, our waste reduction model provides a valuable method for boosting your bottom line. How can you utilize our business consulting services to make the most of your retail sales?

  • Better buys – Our inventory management approach ensures that you have the hottest and most up-to-date products, increasing the likelihood that customers will purchase from you.
  • Reduced waste – If you can’t sell an item before it goes bad, it is waste. Our complete approach to retail optimization helps to reduce the rates of waste, saving you money while also benefiting the planet at large.
  • Reduced markdowns – Items that do not perish are at just as high of a risk as produce when it comes to lost capital. Instead of marking down leftover products on your floor, rely instead on our business analytics for the best outcome!

On-Trend Results

Our business consultants understand that marketing analytics, consumer behaviors, and the plethora of other pertinent factoids can be too much for one business owner to handle. That is why Progredi Group focuses on high-quality retail solutions to ensure that our clients’ inventories are stocked with the most in-demand products, boosting your sales and bringing more individuals into your establishment.

By focusing on what sells (and what fails), our business development pros can help to reduce any wasteful products on your floor. Every space on your shelf is valuable, making it beneficial to analyze the profitability of every item and its relative worth in connection with the overall value of your business. If some items simply don’t sell, it pays to pull them! Contact us today to learn more about our retail solutions!

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Minimization of Waste


When it comes to perishable products, it is essential that you have a plan in place that delivers the perfect balance between plentiful options and excessive stocks. Our business optimization experts will work with you to determine which products are moving and which ones need to go!

Efficient Outcomes

Progredi Group is confident that we can provide the best business analytics and consulting for your operation. By streamlining every avenue and element of your business, our experts can help to deliver sustainable results for your immediate and long-term production goals. We offer a no-risk, no-cost proof of concept for qualifying clients.

Minimizing waste is just as good for the planet as it is for your profitability. Grocery stores, for example, face a food waste crisis, as more and more food is thrown out while more families in need go hungry. While the Progredi Group will not be able to solve world hunger, we are taking steps toward a better future with our business optimization services.

Complete Quality Support

Regardless of your business plan or industry, it pays to manage your inventory for the best sales with the least amount of waste. Progredi takes great pride in our business management and retail solutions, relying on a proven formula to help you take control over your business’ destiny.

By focusing on leadership, analytics, and development, our business consultants are able to tailor a personalized program to match your company’s goals. Call us at 847-220-4802, contact us online, or fill out the form at right to get started!