Progredi Group specializes in advancing your Customer Relevance through an integrated approach to Space Management and Advanced Analytics focused on driving real, measurable and sustainable results. We accomplish this through solution based problem solving and capabilities, designed for retail by retailers.

Founded in 2017 by industry recognized Space Management and Advanced Analytics leaders, Progredi Group’s goal is to advance your organizational value and purpose by helping you better understand your customer, while creating a renewed identity and role for space management and advanced analytics.

Through our established and diverse retail backgrounds we take the approach that your customer is our customer and by understanding their needs, together, we can enable a more efficient and effective organization. While many companies will sell a process, tool or idea to an account, Progredi Group focuses on developing strategic partnerships. Each built on real results that not only generate significant returns, but unlock continuous enterprise collaboration and capabilities.

Progredi Group solves the problems of retail through Thought Leadership, Advanced Analytics, Education and Capability Development built on the latest in optimization technology and scientific methods.