Bridging the gap between the statistics and the storefront, our retail management consultants strive to be your trusted source for organizational design and process integration. Working with your goals and objectives in mind, we’ll help you and your management team not only develop a feasible and workable game plan, but we’ll help you navigate the process in order to avoid the costly pitfalls and obstacles that delay success.

It is true that the retail world revolves around certain, proven consumer behaviors and habits. What you need is a partner who understands how to not only effectively analyze the data but how to implement real-world processes that respects and recognizes what’s important to those potential customers. Our goal is to answer the questions before they become conundrums with modern retail solutions that can achieve success for every type of business.

Our management consulting services include:

  • Business transformations
  • Organizational design
  • Management changes
  • Process integration and implementation
  • Software selection and integration

Business Transformations

In some cases, business optimization includes the process of changing the very fundamentals of an establishment. Progredi Group will provide complete assistance through every aspect of your business, including the processes, technology, and people that run your operations. We rely on a proven formula for retail optimization results, and our team has the experience to ensure that your business achieves measurable improvements after making big changes.

It is essential to have your process, people, and technology all working toward the same goal. Our management consulting team will be able to offer ideal business solutions to ensure that your company is set up for future success.

Organizational Design

The workflow of your company is vital for daily success, and Progredi Group is here to deliver a step-by-step process to analyze and organize how things are done and who gets them done. Many retail establishments employ this service to look for dysfunctional practices that harm productivity and profitability. Our team works to provide the right process to ensure that your company’s organizational design matches your mission and goals.

Management Changes

Deploying new changes to any business can be risky, which is why it is essential to assemble a system that ensures that your team is able to adapt to big organizational changes without serious setbacks. Training, education, and other practices can all help to streamline the change process, allowing your employees to make the most of these updates for a smooth, efficient transition.

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Process Integration and Implementation

The versatility and flexibility of your retail store will determine how well you can adapt to the ever-changing market. Progredi Group specializes in delivering ideal guidance to ensure that your business can deliver price and inventory changes based on market demands, matching the complex demands for inventory while balancing the success of your workforce. When implemented correctly, your business will be able to benefit from new promotions and processes without costly setbacks.

Software Selection and Integration

How your retail store is managed relies heavily on the software it deploys, which is why our management consulting pros are here to ensure that you find the best choice for current and future needs. There are many options available out there for effectively managing inventory and employees, which is why Progredi Group relies on our proven formula to ensure that your upgrade is ideal for your bottom line. Nobody in the industry provides comprehensive business optimization like we do, and we’re ready to get to work for you.

At Progredi, we set our sights on your bottom line. By fixating on space, customer, and space management, we strive to strengthen the link between you and your customers’ needs. Find out more by scheduling a no-obligation needs consultation now.