Professional Store Layouts

We wrote the book on optimization — literally!

Whether you have one store or 20,000 stores, our global optimizers are built to run each store scenario and deliver the most optimal footage by category to drive the greatest value from your real-estate assets. On top of that, our patented business optimizers are the fastest in the world!

All savvy retailers continue to reinvent store layouts and the customer experience. Progredi Group can help you create the best floor plan the first time, making the experience better for your customers and getting more from your valuable investments. We will help you create the most value from each shelf, category, zone, and full store environment.

Before a customer even steps inside your door, it is imperative that they feel not just welcomed, but that they fit in and belong. Your customer should be seen as more than just a means to an end. They are the end. What your customer thinks and feels about your store is your brand. It’s your message. And it means everything.

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So, how do you get your customers to immediately buy into that all-important concept of who you are as a business? It’s your environment. All the advertising, marketing, and branding in the world can’t create the vibe you want in quite the same way your retail location can, and its store layout is key to your success.

At Progredi, we create proven and effective store layouts utilizing advanced analytics that naturally invite customers in, ask them to stay, and tempt them to buy. With more than 100 years of combined retail industry experience, our retail sales experts are skilled in the planning, design, creation, and implementation of retail store layouts. From small boutiques to large-scale shops, we’ve helped business owners of all sizes avoid the pitfalls and financial risk of an ineffective store design. Utilizing proven product clustering and space management techniques, we guide your customers towards a seamless purchase.

No-risk, no-cost proof of concept for qualifying clients. Contact Progredi Group today to learn more about our business optimization services!